Structured Day Programs

Structured Day Program

UIRehab’s Structured Day Program has been developed specifically for adults who are living with brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other neurological conditions.  Services take place in our non-residential congregate rehabilitation setting, separate from our Clients’ residences.  Our team of therapists and health care professionals cultivate a positive, compassionate atmosphere that inspires hope, determination, and self-worth.


Our community-based program provides a fun, individualized, and structured therapeutic environment where Clients participate in meaningful, supervised activities to assist in the development and retention of life-enhancing skills.  Social and recreational aspects are essential to the program and each Client is recognized accordingly to his or her own interests, abilities, and goals, identified by therapists and other professions who are instrumental in Client’s overall plan of care.

Daily participation in our program provides the structure and repetition necessary to learn and grow.  Our program is designed to improve independent functioning in many areas through specific cognitive group activities as well as direct instruction.  Clients take an active role and are instrumental in the direction of our programming.  They are given choices to participate in structured conversations, psychosocial groups, informed exchange, problem solving, current events, orientation, art therapy, and other cognitive tasks to facilitate independence in the home and community.

  • Peer interaction support & social skills development
  • Cognitive activities (real life problem solving, memory retention, mindfulness, concentration development, reminisce groups)
  • Individual & group recreation (exercise & yoga, horticulture, cooking, animal-assisted activities, adaptive sports)
  • Expressive therapy (art, music, writing & storytelling)
  • Sensory stimulation activities
  • Pet therapy visits
  • Community outings (i.e. restaurants, museums, concert & sporting events, movies, mall)
  • Special events in collaboration with Vocational & Rehabilitation Programs
  • Cultural competency activities
  • Professional entertainment (musicians, performers, motivational speakers)
  • Spiritual care for clients of different faiths (i.e. bible study with pastor, holiday celebrations)
  • And much MORE!

Services are scheduled on a regular basis up to a maximum of five days per week and physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive rehabilitation therapies are also provided in addition to the structured day program based on a Client’s service plan.

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