Our testimonials are a reflection of the support we deliver, and to the many triumphs in which we have played a part. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to share their stories of happiness with us, and to those who make what we do possible.

What our clients and their families are saying

The therapy is the most valuable aspect of Universal’s program. The Intensive Therapy offered is exclusive to Universal and teaches you to use your inner strength and spirit to overcome your perceived physical limitations. It not only opens up new possibilities for physical therapy, but also carries over and increased confidence in other areas of your life.

— Client

As someone with a chronic illness (M.S.), I really appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment the staff has shown in helping me to maximize my physical potential.

— Client

I have gained so much since my accident. I had nothing. Now, I can easily talk with my parents, the staff, and my friends. I have found new meaning in my life and a great desire to live and to go on with my life. Now I am not good – I am excellent! Thank you so much, Universal!

— Client

“When I came to Universal I was in bad shape and did not feel good about myself.  I had no motivation and didn’t even care if I woke up in the morning.  I was not a nice person and wish that I had treated others with more respect, but when I could no longer do the things I was used to doing on my own, I hated the world.  Two years later and things are very different.  I am doing more things by myself again and I even have a job.  I am thankful for the support Universal continues to provide me.  I am not the same person I was before my injury.  I am better.”

— Client

Stacey’s whole outlook on her life is changing so much for the better because of the help she is getting from her therapists and everyone around her. Thanks again to everyone involved in making my daughter’s life a much better one. Her recovery is what matters most in mine and her father’s life right now.

— Family of Client

When I tell people about our experience with Universal Institute, I begin by saying, “I feel as if we died and went to Heaven.” Our first contact with Universal was with the Admission Coordinator; and what a professional, kind, and genuine person she is! She was always available to answer questions and facilitated the transfer from the former rehab facility to Universal in a timely manner. She selected housemates that would complement my daughter and when she arrived on day one, her bedroom was furnished and bedding comforter color selected based on remembering her favorite color is purple. The housing is new, spacious, and beautiful. The staff are pleasant and consistent. They are encouraging and help the residents to maintain and strive to the highest level of independence. The home and facilities are always clean and welcoming. When she needs medical assistance the nurse is available to answer questions and the staff are always available to take my daughter to any appointments that are needed. PT and OT services are on site and also professional. The best part of all is that Universal has a vocational support arm. My daughter is able to work and because transportation is also supported by Universal, she is able to maintain employment with the confidence that she will arrive safely and on time. Amazing! I never knew this kind of support existed. My daughter and the rest of our family are very happy with Universal and pray this is her forever home.

— Family of Client

After 18 months in a nursing home, resulting from an Anoxic Brain Injury, our beautiful young daughter was about to start her new journey at Universal Institute of Rehabilitation, the ‘Disney World’ of neurological and physical rehabilitation. Our prayers have been answered and our daughter’s infectious smile is back. The day program is where she receives her physical, occupational, and group therapy. The residential program is where she lives in a beautiful, peaceful setting, and it is there that she calls home, with her own bedroom and care around the clock. As her parents, we know she is safe and in a good place. The staff is extended family and we are so grateful that they have what it takes; heart!

— Family of Client

Jeff seems very serene and at home there, and we are SO grateful. The caregivers are all kind and considerate. Thanks for doing the WONDERFUL job you all do!

— Family of Client

What our employees are saying

“Now I truly understand the value of working with a supportive team!”

I began my career with Universal in March of 2017. Since that time, I’ve loved every minute of it! I am blessed to work around so many dedicated people who are vested in the care and growth of our Clients. I feel I am appreciated and encouraged to grow with our company.

Working at Universal has brought so much happiness into my life. I enjoy spending time with our Clients and helping them through their challenges.

“My experience working at Universal was far greater than I expected.  I was empowered to share ideas that ultimately led to the expansion of structured day program.  When my husband’s employment moved us to another state, I was very sad I had to leave.  I will always hold a special place in my heart for my clients and co-workers.”

I feel I am appreciated and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished.

“I’ve never felt more connected to a higher purpose than I do working here.  It’s a great company with caring owners who take the time to ask how my day is going and what I like/dislike about my job.  I never have anything bad to say, because I honestly love what I do, the environment I work in, and the security in knowing I am appreciated.”

I am grateful to work in an environment that challenges and inspires me to continue to give my best.