Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy

UIRehab’s Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy program has been developed specifically for adults who are living with brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other neurological conditions.


Our home and community-based cognitive therapy services are part of the continuum of care that concentrates on improving the attainment and application of skills in the areas of physical and cognitive functioning, mobility, social integration, productivity, perception of self, interpersonal relationships, and independent living skills.  The overall goal of this therapy is to promote our Clients’ ability to perform daily activities in a way that enhances their quality of life and makes it possible to enjoy independent living.

UIRehab’s Cognitive Therapy Department is dedicated to providing exceptional diagnostic and skilled intervention services addressing congenital and acquired cognitive disorders, including impairments of attention, processing of information, memory, reasoning, problem-solving, organization, socialization skills, and executive functioning.  Through an individualized, multi-functional design system focused on functional and practical skills acquisition, our clients are able to maximize information processing and master new strategies to compensate for deficits.

All of UIRehab’s cognitive therapists hold bachelor- or master- level degrees from accredited Universities, ensuring that effective and reliable treatment approaches are implemented in individual or group treatment sessions.

Clients at UIRehab are offered opportunities to receive cognitive therapy services in the context of therapeutic enrichment activities which provide motivating environments and authentic, real-life experiences.  Our inclusion and ultimate community re-entry philosophy is embodied in many facets of service delivery encompassing environmental adaptations and teaching compensatory strategies.  Our unique and dynamic rehabilitation facility provides on-going opportunities for individualized therapy goals to be targeted in functional settings.

  • Individualized cognitive rehabilitation therapy sessions aimed to target various areas of cognition and focus on community re-integration skills based on individual’s interests
  • Focus on improving and/or learning and implementing compensatory strategies to aide in the different areas of cognition.
  • Various areas of cognition include but are not limited to; memory and recall skills, social awareness, focus and attention, problem-solving skills, decision making, safety awareness and self-regulation
  • Therapy provided within the day program or within the community
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